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Please note: Fees for the clothing is not included in the registration costs.

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With the debit order, you will not receive a monthly invoice for your records, your account will be debited on the 1st of each month. All clothing orders must be done via EFT. Our fees are payable by the 1st of each month in advance of the month following. Annual payments will not be refunded throughout the course of the year. One month’s paid notice is required for cancellation on the EFT and DEBIT ORDER payment options. 90 Days’ notice is required on the term options. Golf is an outdoor sport; weather can’t be predicted. Lessons cancelled due to weather can’t be rescheduled or refunded. Future Golfers strive to provide a minimum of 3 scheduled lessons per month. Accounts that have not been paid by the 1st of the following month(2 months in arrears) will result in suspension from class until full payment is received. Debit orders will run from the month of signing up until November. Please note we do not accept ANY terminations from 1 October, parents who would like to terminate lessons should do so on/ before 1 September of the same year ending. Please note we do not refund classes missed by the player for any reason, (including other sports), we still have to pay the coaches whether your player is there or not. There is no extra charge for lessons in a 5-week month; players will receive 5 lessons in such a month at no extra cost. Please do not take account matters up with the coaches; they do not handle the accounts contact: for any queries and orders. Please always use your players name and surname. If you have paid for a tournament you are unable to attend the event, no refunds will be given. Your player will receive his/her shirt at their following lesson after payment has been received.

By checking "I Agree" the signed name understands that: We at Future Golfers will not be held responsible for any personal injury to, death of, any person, or for the loss of, or damage to any property of any person. I understand and agree that this form is a legal and binding contract between myself and Future Golfers.

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